08 June 2009

...and today I wanna leave the country

Oh yeah! It's Monday that primarily influences my gloom on Sunday night.

Am I one of the few who purposely tries to chill just because it's Monday and tensions run high? Or am I part of the big problem and make crummy things happen?

Did everybody get too much rest on the weekend, or not enough, and that causes everyone to be more emotional? Had no less than 3 young mothers point fingers and tell me my job today. Two of the three came back around and uttered apologies, but it's that one who refused to apologize that makes me crazy, I guess.

Of course, I was doing the right job, but so often you run into situations where there is no pleasing everyone completely - so everyone is disappointed and calling for justice...ugghhhh.

Does anyone out there have a job that they truly enjoy - start to finish - almost every single day?

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