30 June 2009

Got Busy?

As much as I wanted to spend a month+ in the 100 degree heat of the summer, I've come up with another plan that has teeth.
The second summer session at SMU, a local university, begins next week and I'm (hopefully) enrolled in a few classes to jumpstart my transcript at Texas this fall. I plan on taking Chivalry in literature, which fulfills a freshman English Literature requirement, and I'm taking Fencing which will fulfill 2 requirements. It takes care of physical education for the year and I get to work out some latent aggression with Chloe at the same time. I'll also try to audit a French class that she's taking.
Went to the YMCA and volunteered to be a coach for a kids' team that had no coach!
While I'm at SMU and the YMCA I can also swim in their pools to get the summer exercise without the heat! All this passes the "why I have good reasons not to spend the summer in the Oklahoma heat" test & continues my happy streak!!

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