26 June 2009

J'adore Paris!

If we had missed being out on the Seine after dark, then we would have missed too much.

The lights and the cooler air were magical!

This has to be the most romantic city in the world. When we were in the park around the Eiffel Tower there were couples kissing everytime you turned your head. I'm sure you remember a place where you wish you could've kissed, but were too modest or didn't want to cause a scene. Well... that doesn't happen here. You can kiss and touch pretty much anywhere you want and it's approved.

Paris is very clean (scrubbed nightly as I mentioned) and the parks are exquisite. The Seine is also perfectly maintained and compliments the fine art and architecture.

This has been the greatest thrill trip to date and wish to have shared it with anyone I've ever loved.
We met another couple, Juliet and Frederic (haha), and were invited back to their flat. I'd have to say that I conquered a concern that I had two weeks back after seeing "Taken". They are the sweetest couple - he's from a small town outside of Paris, and she has been here all of her life. Their cheese and fruit selection and wine were delicate and delicious. They seemed so interested in our simple lives in Texas while we kept trying to get back to their world here. It would have been nice to meet them at the beginning of the adventure instead of on our last night - they had so many recommendations, and applauded us for the things that we've been able to do and see in such a short period of time. We'd surely like to keep up with them and grow our relationship.
School let out today and the city seemed to be flooded with school children. They were all so cute. We saw small hordes of them at every stop squeezing in their last field trips of the school year.
When do I make it back, I wonder... will it be the same, and will it feel the same or better?

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