26 June 2009

Lisieux, Rodin et Napoleon

These pics from yesterday and today are jumbled together, but that's appropriate with the way my head is spinning around. I've taken over 200 snapshots since Thursday morning. We mostly enjoyed the Rodin museum today, and visited Napoleon's tombeau.
Everything is SO wowsie, but I'm about out of energy for writing. It's almost 10 PM here and instead of going to bed early, Chloe and I are going out to see the Paris night for as long as we can stay up and function. Unfortunately, there may not be more than just a few cell phones pics from this coming adventure! The trip out to the French countryside yesterday was wonderful. The sights in the country and the people are truly french and delightful.
This will be our last night in France, and I may be making my next post once the trip is over, and I plan to add more wording detail to many of these prior posts.

The whole trip has been amazing (have I said that before?) and I feel that I could quite easily adapt to this land and its people.
The lack of sleep is finally catching up with us now. I officially overslept this morning, but there wasn't a tour guide or cab waiting so it was okay....

When are we going to return? I feel like it may be another lifetime before I again have an opportunity like this, but I'm sure it will happen.

Well... time to go live it up!!

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