06 June 2009

Mozart Obsession!

It took a few minutes this morning to find some songs that didn't have words to remind me of anything. Mozart's tha man!

We obsessively washed 3 cars, mowed half an acre and then cleared trees and bushes for 5 hours. Whew! Mozart's a real livesaver - right when I needed him the most. This little fella right above prolly lost some of his favorite cover, but there's another 1/4 acre of yard now.

Don't know if you noticed, but I'm still working on that poem, as promised. It's prolly getting worse before it starts to get better, but I'll obsess on that before I'm done - for sure.

Tomorrow has me at the altar again... much needed forgiveness and service to the church - call me a hypocrite, if you will. Have a date aboard a nice sailboat tomorrow afternoon and hope the weather holds =)

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