24 June 2009

Musée d’Orsay et Louvre

Spectacularly speechless! OMG... it was all there and I didn't want to ever leave, but they pulled me out of the Louvre so that we could shower and change for dinner.

After today there was no doubt that I would be returning to Paris many times before I leave this planet.

I, again, wish that y'all were here with us to enjoy everything and every one here in the city!!

It's time to dine!


  1. I have been to Louvre and I was shocked because mONNA Lisa is a really small paint!!

    I like your blog

    If you want to visit mine, there is an English translation of all my post

  2. Thanks, Clelia, for your comment! I'm so excited about the museums and works tomorrow that I'm having trouble sleeping...again. Yeah... the Mona Lisa was nice, and the impressionist works were amazing!!


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