07 June 2009

Near Perfect Sailing

Another glorious Sunday - not sure why I had grown afraid of the new week beginning.

We dropped the sails in the middle of the lake, ate a late lunch and swam around the boat as it slowly drifted toward the shore. The wind picked up a little afterward, as if on cue, and helped us get back to the dock a little quicker than expected. All told we did our deal in only 3 hours - perfect! I love a good sail, and it helped to be with friends, and an awesome Spring day.

BTW - I fielded a query (from a not-yet-follower) about why I have no personal pics with this blog. Well...I'm just a little shy... private about making new online friends from far away. If you're needing something, and I can see who you are, then I'll email whatever you might want from the day's activities. I'm becoming quite the lil shutterbug =D

Have fun!!

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