19 June 2009

Not the best pic of
Château fort de Lourdes because it really is impressive, dating back to the 8th century. The weather today was drizzly so we spent a fair amount of time indoors.

I'm about done with the internets until we get to Paris - Lourdes is wonderful, but not equipped for the 21st century. I found that there's a much much better signal in the hotel lobby (where I am now), but it's still exxxxtremely slow and the connection doesn't like web browsers or uploading anything.

We're having a good time meeting people from all over and everyone is so happy :-)

Chloe (travel mate) and I are going over to Biarritz on the train for the day tomorrow. Seems that the moms are loving each others' company and it seems so safe here!

I'll probably get up early and do another post in the morning before we head to the beach!!

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