22 June 2009

a Pi -

... Débuts...

A storm it comes and makes a gal tingle

Cool air it touches light a shy sweet face

Still green so grows and hot Argen this place
Hope fills her heart.. she is yes still single

In walk tandem can we and save stumble
And what does he in me want here, my space

It's late, no left alone not me - erase
Miss you, hello and wait for me you fool =D

What's this I look at me mirror do tell
I love the love he holds his love of glee

Melody sweet music to ear no scorn
Light change a twist season there spring here fall
She smiles without reason so nice to see

And yet it's too early on this bright morn

She fills her cup and thinks Ma-te is thus
And now awake what was last night anxious

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