22 June 2009

Pyrenees and leaving Lourdes

We knew it was about time to leave Lourdes when the bikers came into town yesterday afternon - lolz.

Our train to the town where we took the trolley up the mountain was quick and regular. Met a bunch of folks from Ireland - having fun! They, too, were going into the mountains.

Both Chloe and I were pleased to be quiet, reading, drawing and even painting. I had my pad and doodled and scribbled in the ultra-pleasant mountain air. It felt so healthy.

We're waiting for our taxi in the lobby now. The moms are anxious because the plane leaves in one hour - oh my. The airport is only 10 minutes, at most, and I'm smiling. Mom asks me to settle down... haha. I'm expecting to have more frequent internet, but who knows whether or not I'll be in the mood to hook-up. The time today with no cares was priceless.

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