20 June 2009

Sleeping troubles...

We have thoroughly enjoyed our day and night so far in Biarritz! It helps considerably here that we can either speak English or Spanish with everyone we met. I'd say that we mostly had fun with spaniards today and would like to stay longer, but are returning to Lourdes on the 8:00 AM train.

The Hotel du Palais is unlike anything I've ever seen before and hope to stay here again. We were told that it was the palace for Napoleon III and it passes for regal in my book.

Chloe has been a great travel buddy today and just a joy to be with. She's entering her 3rd year at UT and so we've talked just a little about what I should expect in the Fall.

Wow! The food here is amazing! And the chocolate...well I'll probably be dreaming about it soon.

We might venture out again tomorrow after hubbing back in Lourdes and checking to make sure our moms are still having the time of their lives. Talked about Bordeaux or maybe hopping over the Pyrenees to Spain, but we'll see. The trains make getting around so easy.

I'll do some pics tomorrow (a bunch) since I took so many, but being hailed now.

Soon again... Mon amis -

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