11 June 2009

That was easy

All - please stop sending me emails for just a little while. I'm not responding to anyone, so please don't feel like I'm ignoring anyone in particular.

Had to get my mom to drive me to the club this morning because I can't drive until they get the med level figured out. I had planned to ask my manager for the rest of the week off, but when he said that he was promoting my lil friend to head... I decided it might be best to quit. She started bawling - oh, really, we don't even know each other all that well....

Dad told me on Monday that our family trust was selling the half of our property that doesn't have the house on it, and mom thought it might be good if I moved back to the ranch in Southern Oklahoma for the Summer anyway. Couldn't see that at the time, but this morning it sounds okay. There was no internet there when we visited last Summer, but maybe I'll find a spot where the phone gets a signal.

This medicine is so very strange. I feel somewhat like a prisoner in someone's body. I remember passion, but don't know how to get there now. No problems making decisions because I don't care...about anything. Want to blog about it, tho, because I prolly won't remember the sensation once it leaves.

Looking in the mirror - I can see all of my abs again. The doctor said that I had lost 12 pounds since my physical last Fall, and had grown an inch. Weird...

I'm sleepy again. Nap time.

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