27 June 2009

Welcome to Texas, under clear skies and 102°F

and that's still 39C said our Air France pilot in his Castillian accent! So began my short list of perspective enhanced things that just weren't right about summer in Dallas. Nevertheless, I was very pleased to get out of that plane and streeeeetch my legs out straight!

Occasionally there are some pretty places here, but not like the miles an miles of beautiful scenery that we just left this morning...sigh.... The people were polite and correct and proud of their culture. Dad threw a small welcome home party for me and my mom - very nice, but omg are we tired. He really missed her something fierce - happy to help, Dad.

Our revelers here provided some stark contrast to the civility and sweetness surrounding everything we did for the last 10 days. Gosh... even the way we eat is different. The flight attendant on the plane (badge said security), politely corrected me when I requested coffee at 10:00 AM - champagne, juice, water..., but cafe, no, eet is far too late, or pear-aaps too early for apres lunch.

I'm certain to have many small differences to share over the next few days, and now looking forward to my nice bed soon. Several of my cousins were here tonight and the closest one to my age invited me to go hiking - beginning tomorrow - in Colorado, Utah & Arizona. Kayaking, tent camping, Grand Canyon stuff... I just don't know....


  1. That's the first time I see Ricky's legs! *faints*

  2. jeje - thas so funny. Thanks for the comment! Paris is so you, and there waiting...


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