01 June 2009

Why some lifeguards are surly

A kind friend told me that she wished I were her lifeguard because all the ones she knew were mean. So... I've, rather obsessively, been chipper and smiling all day long. =D

I'll tell you, though, that the pleasures of lolling about in the sun all day are somewhat dimmed by the requirement that you do so. Do it without your iPod and your favorite book. Do it without banter and keep order while being vigilant. Pool staff are the help, and everyone let's you know. You're also extremely available and oddly caged by the confines of the pool deck.

There's nothing to be done about the constraints, or is there...?

Today we had MY tunes piped through the sound system at the pool, and it made all the difference. The Beach Boys never sounded so good - except for that one really good Summer in Maui. Maroon 5 was acceptable and so was Katy Perry. We even piped through my favorites of Regina Spektor and I fell in love again =)

Tomorrow I'm going to institute a slightly unorthodox sun-free rotation that should allow me to finish the re-reading of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

This is a great job..., but it's still a job.

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