02 June 2009

Yah... I'm up Early... again

I dunno - it could be a two post day!

There's a gal who interprets dreams on one of those blogs down and to the right. Jeez... that's some interesting stuff. Only wish that I had something to send her for interpretation, but I'm not so sure I dreamed last night =/ Doesn't matter, tho, I'm still busy recycling the really good ones from the past few months.

Coffee better be good for you, or I'm doomed. Does the brief thought of fresh coffee ever make you roll right out of bed? It does for me sometimes.

OMG - the scariest movie in recent memory (so not a fan of anything scary) was watched over the weekend. Do NOT watch "Taken" unless you're just a big fan of Liam Neeson's. Probably not going to be condoning travels to Europe for any of my friends, but it could happen anywhere, I guess.

And what are those unidentifiable noises that I hear around the house when I'm having sleeping troubles? Foomp! That's the newspaper noise. Crunch, crunch, slurp lick - the cat is snacking early, too. Rumble, ssska... that's the early morning flights coming into Dallas. But that crackle tick ssshhh at 4 or so... what was that?!

I really miss my friends - pledge to make a good connection with, at least, one today! ta-ta

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