31 July 2009

I've Tried Life Imitates Art...

so now I'm trying Art imitates whatever is really around me...

I've chatted with a few friends about how I've been exploring more and more of the creative things that I enjoy and trying to get obsessed about water coloring this last week. It seems to be working. The little images are starting to pop again. You kno... the ones that just appear and you want to get them down on something more permanent? That might be words or pics for most of you....

Haven't ever shared any of my works with anyone online, tho, and the thought of it just makes me shiver. How funny is that? I'm not really afraid of much (thinking something's gonna get each of us at some point), but sharing creations and putting them up for critique (or worse, begging for a compliment) just makes me a lil cold.

This week I dropped by some of the fine art rooms at the U. just to chat and observe - and I was so inspired by the wonderful works that people are creating =D. Also had a chance to interact with some new students and that was even more fun. Dunno, but it felt more "right" there than mingling among the students in the "other" building where I have a class.

Also have been exchanging emails with my two room-mates-to-be for this next year in Austin and they seem pretty cool. Yeah...all 3 of us are dorks, but that's what happens when you decide to go Plan II and live it solid for, at least, a year....

Thanks, all y'all for reading, commenting and chatting!

29 July 2009

Head in the clouds

Guess it's good news that I was back to looking at the clouds today. Hope it was a fantastic Wednesday for everyone!

thinking, then dreaming

Yeah...so here I am thinking again. Wish always that it were easier for me to under-think things and just oversimplify...and move on, but I get up too early for that.

Like most of you readers - I have an active imagination and prolly don't sleep nearly as much as I should. So naturally...a good deal of my time is spent just making things up - haha!

Put some water in the little puddles of watercolor that dried overnight and quickly got to working on a little piece that I began this weekend when my mind was in a slightly different place. That's kind of a problem - and it accounts for having so many unfinished works lying and stacked about.

This one is portrait based with a fanciful background (typical, actually) and the colors are bright (bright as you can get with gouache) and the little face is wearing a curious smile. So I start to work on the background, which is easy enough to continue - let parts start drying and move back to the face. I have no inspiration to continue the face. It happens all the time - the face that I had in my mind is no longer there - it's not smiling the same way, it's not as fresh as before, something has corrupted the image and I'm momentarily stuck.

So here I am - turning to the computer to do a very small amount of creating and hoping for something to work itself free. It's starting to get light now so I'll prolly just go outside. School is seeming to come around earlier every day....

I'm quite ready for things to continue improving - better, better, best. The look and feel and taste and smell of things to you is largely dependent on how you believe them to be. Hope that all y'all manage to capture the essence of today and find that its scent is pleasing!

28 July 2009

Marginally Wonderful Day

Bleh.... Nothing has gone wrong. Nothing has gone really well. Nothing has fallen from the sky. Nothing good comes to mind. Nothing an me...we're getting close!

27 July 2009

Loving the Morning Rain

I feel like the week is off to a great start with an early rain nourishing the plants and feeding our souls.

26 July 2009

Why plan anything?

It's almost laughable lately the way I come up with plans and they're changed before, during and after the actions. I'm so tired right now that I should prolly just stop typing and come back for an edit later. Too much on my mind, too.

25 July 2009

Sunset over Lake

This has (so far) been an extremely full day of meeting new people and mostly enjoying every moment. This view is the sunset over Lake Travis at a popular restaurant.

Have to say that if this weekend gathering is anything like the next few years, then staying on task for studies has some stiff competition. My arms are sore from wake boarding and pulling people out of the water. Good news: I did wear sunscreen so my sunburn doesn't seem that bad!

Ima get back to the group here in a second, and hope that y'all are doing what you do best wherever you are!

It's me and a Cat

While I sip morning coffee and bounce between blogs and the Austin American-Statesman and scratching a sweet kitty I'm thinking... What am I doing here?!

This beautiful lake home sits on a bluff on the shore of what is the deepest lake in Texas, I believe. Divers seeking their graduation dive come in by the van load to dive into the clear depths of what was a tremendous valley carved over the millenniums ever so slowly and sometimes violently by rain waters making their way to the Gulf of Mexico. What is deep down there that used to wake, like me, breathing in fresh air of a cool morning? Is it better now that it's always cooler, and rarely bright enough to see what is in the full light of day - in its damp, murky?, blissful ignorance of what the sun normally exposes? I kinda like being ignorant sometimes....

Soon... I'll be joined by part of the waking world and it should be another fantastic day filled with the meeting of new friends, fun on the water, and the quickly fading memory of my introspection - when I was alone, except for a cat.

Good day to all my friends!

21 July 2009

Long Tall Clouds

There were some really fun looking clouds and instantly there appeared animals jumping and playing in the sky. In and around them were figures, people with their arms outstretched and hair flowing. They were all changing shapes quickly and each time there was something distinct and recognizably playing. So I ask you...am I losing my mind? I'd like to think that it's coming back strong!

What I missed..., but it's all still there!

3 weeks ago I was invited to go hiking in 5 southwestern states with 2 of my cousins and a friend of ours. Really had to decline because the 2nd summer session was starting and I had just returned from my best trip to date. We just spent the last 4 hours recounting points of their hiking in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico & Texas. Some of their 2,200+ photos took my breath away and I had to share them with you (permission given to share). Enjoy as much as I have!! CLICK A PIC to full size it