19 July 2009

...and so we blog...

Sunday seems to be a popular time to blog, perhaps, because it gives each of us some extra time to put our thoughts and words of encouragement into the ether. This Sunday was another one which may have some lasting memory for me, not because of the grand events which occurred, but because of the simplicity of the day and a few small defining moments - maybe they were just thoughts that still seem significant.

Took a long nap today for the first time in months, and watched some movies and enjoyed them, immensely. I'm even enjoying another one now. This weekend I've managed to spend more time alone than I have in quite a while, too. My siblings are at camp or away with a friend, and now dad has gone on a business trip - hope it goes well for us, all.

I'm rested and I'm happy, and yet I'm thinking... if you heard me say or write that before, then it has usually meant trouble, or, at least, ill-formed conclusions upon which I typically act hastily.

This one, however, has the feel of something different.

I've spoken with some friends this weekend, and am much more finely attuned to the various truisms held in friendships than any time in recent memory. Friends are good (period). How should you define a friend, though, is a question that I've asked myself more than a hundred times in 2009. It seems that I'm not only searching for friends, but also trying to decide to whom I am a friend and how do I demonstrate that?

There is a link for "friends" on every social networking site in existence. I'm not, however, very good at any particular site - "friendships tested" - might be a better link on most of them (hehe).

Try these phrases (not even complete thoughts, really) -

Delicately put - might be considered a way that a friend may advise another
Considerately cherished - could be hope held in a lasting relationship
Without pretense - could signify true openness in conversation
Delightful adventure - might be the ways friends explore things and each others thoughts
Politely pursued - forgive the alliteration, but friends should be sought, gingerly
Here and there - friends will be there when you're scared to move, or even glance back
Bright side - someone has to be there to encourage and look for the silver lining in dark clouds
Often left - unfortunately, friends get left, but remain ready to be reunited
Non-provocative words - intentionally raising ire just doesn't exist; why bother

... guess I'll have to come back to this because I could go on (and on) and never to come close to a complete list of partial thoughts and phrases :-p

I'm almost bursting with joy and pride to have friends - new and old... so if you're reading this, then you're probably under serious consideration of being thanked!


  1. OK... I'll leave a comment of my own on this one. This post was inspired by some soul searching that I've doing for several months (and it seemed personal). Please watch the Mraz video if you haven't already - friends.

  2. Soul searching is a lifetime of great experiences if you allow it to be. It looks like you are uncovering some great attitudes digging in yours. Well done, Ric.


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