06 July 2009

At least, it's almost tomorrow

Kept a stiff upper lip almost all Monday long -

You might have figured that Monday and I just don't like each other -

Mondays after a holiday are really tough -

Mondays after a holiday, and the beginning of a school semester are tough and challenging -

Mondays after a holiday, beginning at a new school..., well it wasn't pretty, but I kept saying (to myself) self... ahha... be good and maybe you won't notice.

[partial list at the time of publishing] Woke up too early, had too much coffee, grumbled about the yard overgrowing, almost had a car wreck, couldn't find the right building on campus, sunburn from Saturday starts to itch, didn't have a pass to park in the right lot, late to first class, had been moved to another building, really late to first class, didn't know a soul, skipped lunch (and rarely eat breakfast), ticked off a friend by goading into twittering, was too early to next class, Chloe skipped class (why were IMs invented?), didn't care for professor, he was really a jerk to a girl in class, wondered too much about decision to do summer school, seatbelt got stuck in car door and battery was dead, got jumped off by a girl, ticked off second friend (I think), got a ticket for expired inspection sticker (June 2009 - dislike HP police) in dad's car!, late to coach kids' team at the Y (sad faces), trying to be nice to everyone I see isn't helping anyone, ticked off 3rd friend by being late when 2 kids' parents didn't pick up on time, reminded all day why I dislike (strongly) being late, forgot to take out the trash this morning and reminded by mom the second I walked in the back door, couldn't get a single friend to answer the phone, email or anything, and I'm still smiling like a fool :-)


  1. and I thought I was having a bad day...
    I hope tomorrow's better, Severus

  2. jajajajee... thx for the comment, and tomorrow HAS to be better - U2!

  3. Ah summer school. You'll make it! I haven't died yet and i'm an old lady in school lol

  4. haha, Michelle -

    Plan to always find a way into class... years from now. Figure with this lil semester that I'll get happy with it right about the time it's over. Thanks for your comment!


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