13 July 2009

Does it get any better?

Sitting under a shade tree well into a new novel and my friend is painting, as usual. The breeze makes it seem as though it's not yet 90F, but it is... summer.

This is a beautiful campus with it's Georgian, consistent architecture. Could've started here in the Fall, but am going away - only to Austin....

So... I'm more of a longhorn than a mustang, but I could definitely do this every morning.

Is this as good as it gets for a school day?


  1. Cool photo, your BlackBerry has a good camera.

    I realized this morning that your blog is not coming up on my dashboard. When I called it up from the list it gave me posts from a month ago.


  2. Hey, SQ -

    Thanks again for your comments!!

    Had to do some work on my dashboard this morning, too. Many returns, and I'll read you soon..



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