31 July 2009

I've Tried Life Imitates Art...

so now I'm trying Art imitates whatever is really around me...

I've chatted with a few friends about how I've been exploring more and more of the creative things that I enjoy and trying to get obsessed about water coloring this last week. It seems to be working. The little images are starting to pop again. You kno... the ones that just appear and you want to get them down on something more permanent? That might be words or pics for most of you....

Haven't ever shared any of my works with anyone online, tho, and the thought of it just makes me shiver. How funny is that? I'm not really afraid of much (thinking something's gonna get each of us at some point), but sharing creations and putting them up for critique (or worse, begging for a compliment) just makes me a lil cold.

This week I dropped by some of the fine art rooms at the U. just to chat and observe - and I was so inspired by the wonderful works that people are creating =D. Also had a chance to interact with some new students and that was even more fun. Dunno, but it felt more "right" there than mingling among the students in the "other" building where I have a class.

Also have been exchanging emails with my two room-mates-to-be for this next year in Austin and they seem pretty cool. Yeah...all 3 of us are dorks, but that's what happens when you decide to go Plan II and live it solid for, at least, a year....

Thanks, all y'all for reading, commenting and chatting!


  1. besides water color, what else have you used and what is your favorite?

  2. Hi Me - thank you for commenting again!

    Think I've done most mediums by now and keep going back to watercolor. Sculpture is very rewarding, but you have to have places to set the stuff down. Oil is easy enough, and printmaking is time consuming. Acrylic seems juvenile, and mache' is messy and fun. Weaving is for the birds, and mixed medium is indecisive. Photog is new to me and fresh - prolly do lots more....

  3. The more you explore the more diversely you can think/analyse. But I don't always go into too much of technicality of things. Just go with the flow works for me.

  4. I, for one, would love to see some of your work be it paintings, sculpture, or otherwise.

    We already know you're pretty darn good with the camera. So, how about a little peek at those watercolors :)

  5. PvP - yeah...some of my favorite pieces are ones where I had no idea what was coming! Thanks for your comment!!

  6. Hey, Kimberly -

    Your encouragement might just do the trick. Me an the camera are fairly new to each other, and my time with other endeavors has history - so personal investment and some small pride. Hadn't realized that you are published - what accomplishment (and exposure)!!

    Thank you for your kind words here!


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