04 July 2009

Independence Day - not at the beach...

As long as I can remember we've been at the beach for the 4th of July. Hurricane Ike from last fall changed our drill even though we weren't always at a beach in Texas on the 4th. After spending some quality time on the bayou today I took a trip out to the beach to see how it was coming. It's still a disaster area. The spots where our family houses used to be was bare like almost all of the houses - gone - from High Island almost all of the way to Galveston. The "yellow house picture" from the AP wire includes the street where several family members had houses in our little cluster. Mom said that we'd just have to find a new beach because this one won't ever be the same, and will take a generation just to have any semblance of a normal beach.

On a bigger note... we were close enough to civilization this holiday that we were able to see a big fireworks show to compliment our usual "bought from the stands" selection.

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