25 July 2009

It's me and a Cat

While I sip morning coffee and bounce between blogs and the Austin American-Statesman and scratching a sweet kitty I'm thinking... What am I doing here?!

This beautiful lake home sits on a bluff on the shore of what is the deepest lake in Texas, I believe. Divers seeking their graduation dive come in by the van load to dive into the clear depths of what was a tremendous valley carved over the millenniums ever so slowly and sometimes violently by rain waters making their way to the Gulf of Mexico. What is deep down there that used to wake, like me, breathing in fresh air of a cool morning? Is it better now that it's always cooler, and rarely bright enough to see what is in the full light of day - in its damp, murky?, blissful ignorance of what the sun normally exposes? I kinda like being ignorant sometimes....

Soon... I'll be joined by part of the waking world and it should be another fantastic day filled with the meeting of new friends, fun on the water, and the quickly fading memory of my introspection - when I was alone, except for a cat.

Good day to all my friends!


  1. Yeah...the kitty was definitely the sweetest part of the whole weekend! So sweet...


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