02 July 2009

Sacré bleu

Don't recall seeing a single frenchman wearing a berét, but I still had to have one... and I wore it for a short while, too - ha!

So here we are on the eve of the U.S. Independence Day and I'm still having quite a few ex-patriot thoughts about my trip to France. Never expected this, but I want to live there.

I'll tell you that on the morning of departure (Saturday) my mom and I had a "throw down" at the hotel. Seems that I was 18, an adult in this country, and I wasn't going home....

I could totally live there, and wasn't really expecting that at all. It wasn't the feeling of trying to blend in with the french, or even the constant stream of yummy croissants and crepes. It's just a good place with good people, and it felt right.

Mom almost panicked knowing that I can be somewhat impetuous, and didn't know whether or not she could make me join our group in returning. Funny... it wasn't mom who convinced me to come back this time....

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