10 July 2009

sidecar to Monday's post

(Partial list at the time of giddy)
Woke up chipper without the alarm clock, tall grass had no effect on my psyche, birds chirping was like a song, met a friend for breakfast (croissant with preserves & cafe), ran there (only 3 km), wiped the last bit of peeled skin off my forehead (swore to wear sunscreen next time), got a great relief email from a new acquaintance, listened to a newly found blip that I liked, ran home faster than going to breakfast, cold shower wasn't too cold (thank you, summer heat), haha Viva la Vida on the radio again (3 out of 4 days if you're counting), wearing a crazy shirt that no one has laughed about yet, lit reading in the cool morning grass is not nearly as boring, cute dm from a friend, had a small lunch that somehow made me full, got the perfect haircut, found a penny and picked it up, later saw a dime (and left it for the next person), spent very little time analyzing what was, read some more and don't remember yawning once, even started a new book I found "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel, delighted in a few superficial chats online, went out with some friends and managed to get home before everything closed... didn't want the day to end....

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