20 July 2009

Simple thrills

My schedule these last few weeks has allowed for a generous helping of regular workouts and it's really a thrill. Saturday was all tough stuff in the heat of the day, and yesterday was a day off in so many different ways.

So when the weights and swim rolled around today it seemed the appropriate time to up the workout. It was easy. Just a few weeks of consistency on the machines and in the pool made the ramp up a thrill. Maybe I was just slacking off before, and today was a worthy workout. So now the bar is set a little higher, and I'm completely comfortable and the goals have been easily met.

My point is not that I'm a he-man (cuz that I certainly ain't), but it came so quickly after deciding to commit to a consistent plan. The numbers I'd been hitting were all recorded and well known - no wishy washy sorta keeping track, but accurate numbers. Previously, I'd just kill myself periodically and then do something different the next week. Sure I was over-active and getting plenty of stuff done, but it wasn't satisfying and I had little way to know if I was improving. When I hit my peak times and weights in the next few (fill in the blank) I hope to make it a worthy peak.

I'm into my little spiral book of numbers... distances, times, laps & weights... and it is good.

Anyone smell an obsession...?


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