05 July 2009

Strange Clouds

Wish I could've talked Dad into driving slower on our trip back home. There were some interesting sights of the vehicular, modular, peepuler :-p and cumulonimbular (maybe) varieties. Alas, he did his normal way over the speed limit, no bathroom stop trip and we made it in near record time.

Also wish I had the picture of the oldest Chevy Suburban - still running picture. Coulda swore it needed new tires, but it was tough to tell because the entire body was covered in rust - no paint showing!

It was a moving day for no less than 3 double wide mobile homes. Dad grumbled each time we had to take the shoulder to let them go by in the opposite direction.

There was a parade of post-July 4th-ers wearing overalls from biggest to littlest (mom, too). I think it was an overall wearing family of six that was walking through the tall grass in one of the small towns we go through.

Last, but not least, dang camera couldn't go fast enough to bear photographic witness to the end of another July 4th (quickly) and return to normalcy in East Texas - the Texas flag was larger and flying above the U.S. flag at a little bank!!

Happy to be home & chat soon.


  1. omg I read about those, they've been showing up all over the planet! Scary...

  2. jejeje... hope that your storm was as interesting as ours! thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Ric,
    Cool cloud photo. Thanks for following, I will be following you as well.
    Good looking blog.

  4. hey... squirrel girl. Thx for stopping by and commenting. Your reviews will mean a lot :-) and thank you for following!


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