18 July 2009

Sunrise through the trees

We can't go back, like or not, to a time that we had before.

Easy enough said, but don't you often try to figure out how to duplicate a perfect something that once happened to you? The sun is already coming over the top of the tree in the picture and reminding me that it's probably going to be close to 100 degrees today. I want to go back to the moment above when the sun was barely peeking through the trees and it was about 5 degrees cooler. It's certainly not happening.

The sun marches on - as do we. So... we're reminded (me likes constant reminding) that there is NO going back; there's only moving forward. Upon closer inspection of that "perfect" time of yore (if you even had the time), you just might see some hideous power lines that you didn't see before....

Wonderful or not so... it will never be the same again. We must appreciate where we are now... there's probably something better than before which is right there, and looking back might just keep you from seeing it.

Make it a great day! I'm certain that I will.


  1. I'm sort of the "been there, done that" type. I would rather see what tomorrow will bring than live in the past. It's ok to look back at the memories but there a lot of adventures yet to come!
    We hit just under 100 today, that is too hot.

  2. It's just been too darn hot in the NW! There's something wrong about that and hope that it's changing soon for y'all. Thank you, as always, for your thoughtful comments!


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