29 July 2009

thinking, then dreaming

Yeah...so here I am thinking again. Wish always that it were easier for me to under-think things and just oversimplify...and move on, but I get up too early for that.

Like most of you readers - I have an active imagination and prolly don't sleep nearly as much as I should. So naturally...a good deal of my time is spent just making things up - haha!

Put some water in the little puddles of watercolor that dried overnight and quickly got to working on a little piece that I began this weekend when my mind was in a slightly different place. That's kind of a problem - and it accounts for having so many unfinished works lying and stacked about.

This one is portrait based with a fanciful background (typical, actually) and the colors are bright (bright as you can get with gouache) and the little face is wearing a curious smile. So I start to work on the background, which is easy enough to continue - let parts start drying and move back to the face. I have no inspiration to continue the face. It happens all the time - the face that I had in my mind is no longer there - it's not smiling the same way, it's not as fresh as before, something has corrupted the image and I'm momentarily stuck.

So here I am - turning to the computer to do a very small amount of creating and hoping for something to work itself free. It's starting to get light now so I'll prolly just go outside. School is seeming to come around earlier every day....

I'm quite ready for things to continue improving - better, better, best. The look and feel and taste and smell of things to you is largely dependent on how you believe them to be. Hope that all y'all manage to capture the essence of today and find that its scent is pleasing!


  1. The scent of my day won't be pleasing until I give it really deep thought (which I plan on doing). I realize that I've never taken the time to just observe. Thank you for brightening my day and inspiring me to "capture the essence." I am confident I will be pleased with what I find.

  2. Thanks for comment, Me. I dribble around most days earnestly hoping to brighten folks moments - just a little at a time! Good luck on the observation, and try not to get in too much trouble :-)


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