21 July 2009

What I missed..., but it's all still there!

3 weeks ago I was invited to go hiking in 5 southwestern states with 2 of my cousins and a friend of ours. Really had to decline because the 2nd summer session was starting and I had just returned from my best trip to date. We just spent the last 4 hours recounting points of their hiking in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico & Texas. Some of their 2,200+ photos took my breath away and I had to share them with you (permission given to share). Enjoy as much as I have!! CLICK A PIC to full size it


  1. Really cool photos. I love the marmot, I haven't seen one since I left Alaska. That would have been a great trip.

  2. Wow, looks like they had a fascinating experience! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!

  3. Hi Kimberly & SQ!! Thank you both for your comments here! Each time I go back to these beautiful images I'm a little more fascinated - can't hardly wait to get there myself and marvel.

  4. I was raised in southern Co, northern NM, spent my summers in AZ, and miss it greatly. These pics captured it so beautifully. Thanks for the trip back home.~~


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