08 July 2009

When a Calladium talks

Mom used to ask me to help to her with the seasonal gardening from the time I was a toddler. Several flowering plants and bulbs will always have special places in me... even if the plant factories continue producing better ones.

The intricacies of the veining in a calladium still fascinate me every spring, and I've wondered (always wondering) how plants just know what to do. The calladium tells me it doesn't know - it just does. Why do you reach for the sky and sway ever so slightly side to side just enjoying your neighbor calladium? I dunno... maybe it just feels right.

The detail of your leaves... it's so beautiful and somewhat regal the way your colors separate. How do you do that? It's just what I do... maybe I have my ancestors to thank for that. I just have to stand tall, grow and be beautiful.

Now... we have a brain, and apparently, calladiums do not. When asked about one's own wonderfulness the reasons why get far more complicated. But are they really? Do we not also just have to be thankful for being here and growing every day? Do we also know not why we have neighbors with whom we share space and frequently touch, reach out just for the enjoyment of living. It's just what we do - be happy and grow - what more purpose other than appreciation and glee should there really be?

Get back to work - calladium...?


  1. Good post, a very interesting comparison. I can't disagree with your conclusion.

  2. Thank you, SQ. I've wondered today if anyone would like this, or if it was just too out there.


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