06 August 2009

By the light of the moon

It's another full moon tonight, and the day was fantastic, too!

I've always loved the idea that people separated by some distance can go out at night, look at the clear sky and share the sight of the same moon.

If it's cloudy where you are, well...then you're lucky... so here's the moon tonight. Thanks for sharing the same sight, friend!


  1. Wow! Okay I am being honest...the photo of the moon is grand!

    BTW, how come your blog doesn't update on mine Mr. Ric, I gonna check that out, I missed a lot of your blogs.


  2. awww...it was easy. Pic, zoom, crop, zoom, crop...

    I dunno about the updating. Judy said the same thing -verbatim- a few weeks ago...so y'all were doing the same thing somehow (or I've broken it somehow) - prolly good, tho =D

    Thanks for the read and the comments. I'll have more posts back up after the weekend. Had some editing to do on them.

  3. It was yellowish the other night at my house

  4. Me! -
    It's often yellow-ish here, too, when the wind has been blowing who-knows-what down from the prairies. I kinda like yellow moons, too. Thanks for the read and your comment!


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