06 August 2009

Dang Beavers are at it Again

The rain over the last week has really gotten the beavers in the creek all stirred up. Every morning they've started chewing on something new. Here's a pic of some €\&¤@-ing tree roots that they've been working. This tree is huge, too. Gonna have to do something about them...


  1. Beavers are the worst! Demolition guys!

    How did you get that little bar that says Funny, interesting cool, stupid with the checkboxes? I want that too :)

    How is your week going?

  2. be humane while handling the beavers please

  3. Camipants -

    First, thanks for your comment! The beavers are driving me nuts, but today was a fantastic day (!!!) thank you. I wanted to answer you earlier, but didn't have your email address.

    Overall - this week has really been amazing (more thanks for asking - not really sure that anyone else has).

    How's you week going?

  4. Me...

    These beavers... I've definitely thought ill will on them more than once, but I'd really just like them to GO AWAY! Most of the yard work is my responsibility, and I feel like they're working against me now. I'm calling the city varmit control guys to see what they can do. Not planning to shoot them - but maybe only because they fail to show themselves in the daylight hours....

  5. hahaha... luckily we don't really have beavers here in the Netherlands. They look cute though, but if you put it like this, they're very nasty animals hahaha!

    Have a great weekend!



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