04 August 2009

I think... it's over

The intense re-reading of stories and notes was all focused on today. My mind says it's over...all in...done, but my heart is still going through the notes -sorta. I guess I'm a romantic, and in the end this class on chivalric literature was just perfect, as in 4.0.

The fencing class had to be so much better than whatever might have been its replacement in Austin, too, and hey, I did learn to parry like a champ.

I'm tired now. Could put a bowl of Pralines n Cream to good use, tho... :-)

Goodnight, all y'all.


  1. What is chivalric literature? I've heard of the code of chivalry used by medieval knights which is like a code of loyalty. Does chivalric literature have to do with loyalty?

    Fencing has never really interested me. But of course, I've only watched it. I've never actually fenced.

  2. Yeah... I questioned my prof on whether or not chivalric was even a word, but she likes it. Right - Sir Launfel and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - loyalty to extremes and much analysis and writing o- woot!

    Fencing was fun - done! Thanks for your comments!


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