09 August 2009

Productivity Day

Maybe it was nervous energy, and maybe it was just the coffee that had me going early this morning on some projects that had been requested at the beginning of the Summer. Time was running out and so I just dove in.

I'd love to show you the (near) perfectly organized garage and the dust-free attic above it, but instead I'll show you these lovely growy things that I spied while drinking gallons of ice water throughout the 102F day.

The look on dad's face when he came back from his golfing day was really reward enough; I am the favored child! So it was that very moment when I hit him with the request to venture out to Colorado for the week. Yes! I'm going.

So... for 4 or 5 days you'll get a quick post from the area near Crested Butte. Should be able to get the first one up tomorrow evening! Maybe this will make up for the so-so feeling I have in my gut for missing out on the hiking/camping with my cousin in July.

Have fun!

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