01 August 2009

Rain delayed their Welcome Home

Some friends and I headed out to DFW airport this morning to welcome home some of the many US Troops who survived their tour of duty in Iraq.

A strong storm system delayed the flight so we found ourselves waiting and making our own fun for a while.

Whether you thought US troops should have been there or not - you couldn't help being happy for their safe arrival and into the arms of their families. The scene played out below went for 45 minutes and became more and more joyous as the happy soldiers streamed through the doors.


  1. This reminds me of when my brother came home from the navy. He was in Japan though. I remember that there were so many problems on that day. First, my grandpa's car wouldn't start (him and I were gonna pick him up). Then, we got there only to find that his flight was delayed. After like an hour and a half of waiting, he called and said that they were gonna land at another airport. He said that our aunt was gonna pick him up because she was closer. So, my grandpa and I drove all the way home just to find that there was a change of plans and that she was gonna pick him up. I was overjoyed when I finally saw him though.

  2. Me... great story! If you remember, then please thank your brother (from me) for his service to our country!


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