24 September 2009

Another day...

another test.  Lotta writing ahead and subjectivity in the grading - nice - gotta think this time :-)

Was wondering... do you still dream like a kid?  One of my dream snippets from last night seemed kinda random.  Was at a park playground that I remember from when I was in kindergarten or first grade.  Yeah... had an accident and got hurt once so I've been back before, but this was pure fun.  Woke up pretty darn happy...too happy for a test day, cloudy skies, upset friends, etc.

I love... the fall season and the cooling days.

I'm pretty sure the dream meant that I should find a swing today - you know, post test stress release...


  1. Fall is the prettiest season of them all... (:
    And swings rock too!

  2. Fall is pretty, but I prefer spring. I love the feeling of rebirth. The leaves grow back, the grass turns green, and flowers pop up.

    My dreams are sometimes obscure. Mostly, they have to do with relationships. I know the message that's trying to be conveyed and I've tried to do something about it, but no luck so far. But I love dreams, whether it's daydreaming, or dreaming while sleeping. It's so comforting and I feel indestructible.

    Cloudy days are simply terrible. I prefer the sun. Nothing compares to the feeling of looking up and seeing a clear, bright blue sky.

  3. IVA -

    Something's special about fall and the activities. As we head into winter and the colors all go away, I'll remember the fun, carefree times that seemed so close in time, but well removed in terms of weather. Ima big football fan , too. Found those swings -- and it was really fun and relaxing :-D Thanks!

  4. Nick -

    Spring is great, too, but quickly it gets hot in Texas and the weeds and ants aren't too far behind. I'm sure that spring is quite welcome after being surrounded by snow and such. It is rebirth.

    Ima dreamer... I've kept notes on quite a few on a pad that I keep under my alarm clock. It's kinda interesting that the memory of what happened can evaporate so quickly after waking.

    Sunny, cool-ish days in the fall are wonderful, but sometimes I just like to read while it rains. It's comforting to know that so much of the outside life possibilities are in remission while the raindrops come down and feed the plants...and it's okay to stay inside.

    Thanks for coming over!

  5. A good fall day and a swing--perfect! Be happy, my dear! Enjoy all the colors of the season and revel in that perfect test score. You earned it so you own it! Glad you're doing so well with your studies even if it does pain your fellow classmates :)

  6. Hi Kim!

    Fall is goood, and I did swing with a friend who thought'd be fun. Not much in the way of fall colors, yet, but the camping this weekend was really good. Gotta watch fast to see any leave color-changing in Texas =p

    Yeah...decided that I'd really just keep doing what I do best on the classes. The alternative is not pretty.

    Thanks always for your encouragement and visits!

    Chat soon.



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