20 September 2009

Does a fear of loss make for better appreciation?

Bigger Game

Yesterday's football game was decidedly better than the home opener against ULM.  The annual Tech game has shown to be another good rivalry game every year, and it's usually close in score.  Whenever it seemed like we were pulling way out front you could feel the release of tension, but you could also sense that the fun was going out of the stadium to a certain extent.  Every time Tech scored it quieted the crowd, and I wondered if we would lose this game, and fall in the rankings, and... lose hope of another national championship.  The quiet was immediately followed with what seemed to be an adrenaline boost as we received the next kickoff.  And then every time we scored and moved out front by a touchdown or more, the sense of appreciation in winning a hard fought game became more pronounced than before.  The win after the ULM blowout didn't seem to carry much pride, but today I'm still feeling like the team did something worthy for the football program.  Is that simply because we could have easily lost?  (I copied this picture off of the internet because I couldn't get anywhere near the ESPN Gameday area.  It was kinda cool being featured)

$%^&*! Server Problems

Whenever I got my computers back online yesterday I was a good deal more appreciative of the simple pleasures available online, too.  Whenever my network server goes down it typically doesn't last long, but it also takes down my blackberry service... and I'm toast.  I've learned that it's easiest just to walk away from it all and take a break until it comes back up - doesn't do any good to call for a fix because surely one of my family members on the network of about 100 computers and devices is already on top of the problem.  Yesterday, though, my pain was more pronounced.  I'd volunteered to be a tutor for a group that does virtual tutoring and Saturday was my first day...Fail!   My two hour slot was smack in the middle of my 4 hour internet-free blackout...grumble, grumble....  I think that I'll have to send that email that I wrote expressing my extreme displeasure.  I'm also looking into "going off of the reservation" and the expense that would go along with it.  But, hey, today I'm very thankful.

Of course, Studies...

Mid-week I was suffering a potential loss "of sorts"....  As I suffered through my bodily virus attack, and missing classes - I'd begun to lose hope that I could do well this semester....  Now...I'm not writing about simple do-well, but some fairly aggressive goals that would be significantly impacted by dropping one single grade in the trash.  The week ended okay, and with yesterday's fairly intense studying I'm thinking it's do-able again...and I'm a little more appreciative of where I sit in my 7 classes.
So... why is it that you have to lose something, or the fear of it, anyway- to be appreciative of it?  I certainly don't know....

Catholic Services in Spanish
Today was my third Spanish-only Catholic mass and although I've enjoyed it, I'm going to try another church next Sunday.  The parishioner families have been so warm and welcoming, and I'm going to miss seeing several people in particular.  This is a congregation which is mostly Mexican immigrant families, and a few assorted other Latin American countries.  The progression from outsider to potential member has been fairly quick and I shouldn't be leading myself and them on any longer.  My Spanish has gotten a fairly good workout and, of course, that's always good, but there are a few families who showed me today and last week that they really wanted me there...permanently...and I wasn't planning to do that for a few reasons.  I haven't been raised Catholic, although about half of my family has been, and I've perceived that this college time is fraught with more choices than I'd imagined.  Heck, why not see if I really have a choice right now with religion, I thought - and toss in language at the same time.  The reality is that I'm much more comfortable with my conservative Protestant service in English, and so I'll find one close by to try next week.

What is this Major?

I've also been thinking some about the major I'm in and switching  (yeah, right, but...better now than never) to ...Architecture.  I've always had a keen interested in the design and construction of things, but the career part of it can be...tough.  My favorite library has me interacting with quite a few of the guys studying architecture because it's attached to the school of architecture.  I suppose that I didn't get here by accident, but it's also the closest big library to my apartment building.  And then... there's also this feeling that I don't completely fit in with most of the guys who are in my current major...they don't love physics, science and art like I do.  Prolly more on that later.

Well... I have about 3 more hours of study today and should be able to start the week off right, and... watch the Cowboy game tonight without any study related guilt.
Um... y'all have fun, and I'll keep trying to do the same.


  1. Spanish mass? sounds interesting. I never really like to get entangled in religion. My views are so distorted and diverse that I always end up in an argument.

    I love to design buildings, especially houses. I just hate the measuring and drawing things to scale. Otherwise, I'd definitely major in architecture.

    Finally, being a New Yorker, naturally, I'm rooting for the Giants tonight. So, GAME ON!!!

  2. 2nd the above comment.
    Never really liked to get entangled in religion.
    Gosh, hell yeah, i always end up in a bitter argument when it comes down to those discussions.

    Lol, Yeah,


  3. Yeah... I have a meeting with the dean of the school next week, but I think everyone is going to want me to do this year in the same plan.

    I'm ignoring that last woot...

  4. Nil n Nick -

    I'm kinda open about religion and spirituality, and I'm planning to sample all kinds of stuff for a while. It wasn't really stepping out very far to taste some Catholicism. There's so much value in organized religion and the hope from being faithful seems to explode from so many places. I'm sold on it - if that's the right term...


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