23 September 2009

Are you doing well?

I've described to a few people how I feel when getting a perfect grade.  It's not what you might think, and it happened again yesterday.  I suppose that it's a little ironic that it happened on a test taken while being sick..., but I was kinda over-prepared for the test.  Some things...like people things are mysterious to me, but acing a test isn't foreign.  There's a lift, then some vindication, sometimes recognition (he gave out my test last and tried to hug me), and then the shame...of going too far.   You're completely alone.... Now there's some fairly clear expectations that have been set - that's okay, but you see the looks on the faces of your classmates - they are not happy with me...because they tried hard, too.  Can't please everyone, I suppose....

Feeling lonely today...again...


  1. Happens buddy. That's the way it is. Can't please everyone, you said it right.

  2. It's impossible for me to please my mom. No matter what I do, she's never satisfied.

    I was ecstatic at my 84 on my bio test. I'm too stressed to think about a perfect score.

  3. But, Lopa, I'm an incorrigible people pleaser. I've been getting slammed about it lately, and I don't wanna change that even though it makes me weak... It's a problem that I should attempt to address because of the former... can't please every one

  4. Hey, Nick -

    Oddly I seem to do best whenever I'm too relaxed about it. Was doped up last week and couldn't care less about being in class or doing well. The preparation kicked in and it just happens sometimes.

    Thanks, y'all for dropping by!


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