25 September 2009

Gotta Get Outta This Place

Before school started I signed up for a few clubs that I thought to try if there was time.  There seemed to be two camping/naturalist clubs that were a little better than the others and one of them has a campout this weekend.  At the beginning of the week it didn't seem like I would make this one.  Mid-week as things intensified (normal) and several friends' lives seemingly unraveled the camping looked highly improbable.

Today... I'm there, and cannot wait to get going.  My stuff is loaded in my pack and I'm heading out after the last class with a guy I met and 2 outdoor(sy) co-eds.  It's looking like the weather will be dry and warming (been in the 60's and low 70's all week), with about 15 total assorted camping types planning to make the trip.  Now... this oughta be interesting!


  1. Always wanted to but never got the opportunity to go camping.
    I hope you have fun! We never had anything like that at school...

  2. I love to camp. Last time we went, our site was next to a stream. It was so relaxing. It rained after that though and we had to rent a cabin. lol. Have fun!

  3. Disguise -

    Yes, we had some good, simple, fun... and can't wait to get out there again... before it's gets cold! Thanks for your well-wishes!

  4. Jenna!!

    Oooohhhhh... I would so love to take you camping! I've been sorta camping with our youth group before, but we stayed in cabins with screened windows.

    Just have to start with sleeping bags, cots or air mattresses, food, and expected inconvenience. You build from there.

    For a while with scouts I was getting new stuff at REI or Academy with a lotta my earnings, but was brining too much and started back the other way. Now I see how little I can bring and still miss nothing.

    Having the bb and a signal was a non-necessity, but I kinda appreciated it.

    Thanks for stopping by and hope to chat with you soon! email?

  5. Nickster -

    Figured you to camp - the rain happens..., but I'll usually stick to trips with almost no chance of rain, becuz everything gets so mucked up in the rain. And...it increases the risk...

    We had fun, and thanks, again, for coming by with your comments!


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