09 September 2009

Salvation in the classroom

In 2 out of 4 classes today we had a quiz. Now...normally, this wouldn't be that great, but the time investment on the holiday weekend paid some dividends...sigh...of relief and some salvation for doing what I thought was right and not going home for the weekend.
I'm getting (somewhat) accustomed to the idea that I'm going to be studying, like, all the time. The best thing about this is it cuts down on the amount of time that I get spend - just thinking. "Thinking" is usually the time when I get mull over the things that I've done, said, didn't do, etc. and ponder the "great advice" I get about those things. A lot of things kinda seem to work themselves out without dramatic -action- another of my things. I feel that action is what makes things happen...and it might...be the wrong action and the wrong happening.
So...patience and lots of studying, which has proven to be good, and less thinking has me feeling kinda normal and mildly happy tonight. I hope you are, too. ^!^


  1. Is this a new page? What happened...I mean...anyway hello and how are you? Thank you for leaving comment. I have been wondering where you been?


  2. Hi AL -

    Thanks so much for coming back for a visit and commenting. I pretty much lost my mind and deleted an entire google account. Didn't think that I would have time for anything except studying, eating & sleeping...in that order. I missed all y'all!

  3. I think studying is afterall quite much fun. I mean it ain't as bad as it seems, it's a nice relaxing moment in peace and quiet and i suppose you study only the things you want? Dunnae know but yes. Good luck, you will have the greatest fun you've ever had x

  4. Raw...

    Oops - left a thankie and response to your comment here on the wrong date. I'm bad...

    So yeah...the campus is nice, but too much hot concrete and black birds in the oak trees. It's kinda big. Have 2 classes on each day where they're back to back and have to get on my bike to have any hope of making the switch on time. It works...unless it rains, I guess.

    I'll be reading your next interesting post!

  5. Gosh! Studying to stop thinking?! In my case when I sit to study, I keep thinking about all the other things around than studying when I don't get proper concentration for studies...

    Best of luck! Nice to see you back again!

  6. Hi Lopa -

    Yeah...hard to believe myself with the way I have focus issues sometimes, but this is one time that the obsessive behavior works in my favor. Get into the studying and all the other noise goes away. It's like a trance is the best way that I can describe it, and it, is, good...

    I'm really glad to see you. I'll get over to your blog again and see what I've missed. Thank you.


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