11 September 2009

Silent night

A view from the South mall on a late(r) walk around campus last night.
The rain earlier had done a good job of cooling the surfaces and cleaning...that which needed cleaning.
Should be a decent Friday, tho, quite long.  Meeting some friends after my last class and kinda hoping for some fun.  I've already decided that I'm going to make some fun today and have fun with anyone who's willing!!


  1. Yup Friday is my favorite day, like you I go see my friends and have some fun! Enjoy and have a happy weekend.


  2. It nwas hard for me to enjoy today. But the weekend should be good. Go and enjoy yourself! You deserve it!

    (I didn't know you started blogging again. Glad I found it)

  3. Your campus seems lovely, eventhough 'tis only a view from one fountain, or whatever. Hopefully yer night ended up being good, fridays aren't to be wasted!

    Regular mood? lol. And yeah, i live in Europe so 'tis like, yeah. I don't know myself, school just did start now, way too early anyways dang nazi school argargarg. Sorry. It will be good when i'll get to the swing of it, eih! And sorry btw for some late answers, i am the laziest person in answering. I pity all facebook contact attempts X

  4. Hey, Raw...

    Thanks for the visits and comments and follow...

    You just crack me up sometimes. The start of school was really arghish for me, too. Thot I was gonna lose it and win it (for a few minutes) while I got in the groove. It's good, no doubt.

    Studies, alone, whether really alone or in the library are going well now.

    I'll catch you next time!

  5. Hiya, "me" -

    Thanks for stopping by and givin' us some words. I pretty much forced "fun" on the 11th and then read a buncha reflections last night.

    Studied, mostly reading and notes, today, but left the phone on for frequent tweets and boredom clearing stuff. I don't know that I'll do that again soon - didn't get done + + ugh... Just need to focus on studying. Last night was a little fun, tho :-)

    Read ya soon!

  6. Hello, A.L. -

    Guess I'm first shall be last format... thank you for your visits and I'm looking forward to the coming Friday.

    Chat son.


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