07 September 2009

So...here we are...

Figuring now that I shouldn't feel any pressure to post daily like I had done on a slightly different url.

Was telling a friend last night that as bad as the week beginning can be...mid week has me freaking out each of the last two weeks since classes began. The overwhelming pressure of the classes and workload by Wednesday is stifling and whatever normalcy I previously held is left flatly on a hot sidewalk rushing to class.

Getting outside of town and pushing up the hills is fantastic, but it makes my butt and legs feel like they've never done this before. Think I almost went too far...need to find a friend with whom to ride.

Lotta thinking yesterday and ample sleep since Friday night musta jarred loose some good dreams last night. Revelation coming...maybe more sleep means better dreams because I've been re-living the better parts from last night over and over like good movie scenes ;-)

Y'all keep living the good life!

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