21 September 2009

Yeah..., well, maybe I'll appreciate the next win more...

They said that there were officially 105,121 people in the new Cowboys Stadium to see the Cowboys lose to a decent Giants team - the largest NFL crowd on record.  They hung a 600 ton set of jumbo screens from the ceiling, had dozens of dancers in "cages" for the cheap ($236) seats up high, and everyone who might have been alive and important to the Cowboys was there.

Eli was amazing and Romo wasn't so.  It, too, was a great game, and I didn't really wanna get up this morning and remember the loss.  I'm up, however, and the memory of that loss is quickly fading - it's being replaced by the memory of much more significant losses - losses that weren't just a football game played for entertainment.

It's got the smell and feel of a Monday for sure around here.


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