12 September 2009


Stole this from a friend's blog (it's kinda cute, Kim...) and I might delete this post later, but it kinda sums up what I've been thinking for the last few hours


  1. Love your blog :) Hope to see you on mine!

  2. Hello there:)
    Thanks for followin my blog, and droppin in there! Haha, funny post lol.
    Pretty interesting blog altogether :)
    Chat soon!

    [P.S-- I repleid to you on my blog btw] :)

  3. Hi nil...

    haha, thanks for the follow, the visit, and your comment! Still feeling the blah, today, tho... and so wish I could get normal again.

    Hopes to your great day?!

    Chat soon!

  4. Stop! Thief! LOL!!!

    Glad to see your blog is back up and running but bummed to see that you are blah :( Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Best blah treatment--woodland hike. Or, if you have no woods nearby, chocolate can be substituted :)

  5. Hey Disguise,

    and thank you for the visit. I really got tickled, as I said, when I read some of your blog posts. I'll be back over there and thanks for your note here.

  6. Howdy, Kim!

    Prolly just shouldn't post anything when I'm bummed - or maybe just buck-up and bury it like I've seen others do...kinda impressive, really. It's still raining here and a soggy, Monday run didn't do anything to clear the gray in mind top part.

    The clouds will part soon I'm sure...

    Thanks, again, for the visit and I'm so pleased about your new diversion.
    Chat soon!

  7. Okay, A.L. ---

    I've kinda figured you to be somewhat philosophical, and your hours kept have me still wondering...

    I think I hear ya..

    This will pass someday soon, I'm sure, but decided to go ahead and skip my first two classes (what with the rain, not having skipped any yet, and wanting to get ahead in my reading again, and, and...).

    Well...I can't really justify it, now, can I?

    If no one gave a damn, then where would we be, right? Plus+ I appreciate that you're there pulling a little extra weight.

    Thank you, so much, for continuing to come around, and I'll be over to your place soon!


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