01 October 2009

...and After the Bad

Storm which caused the tornado sirens to go off, and quickly flooded everything...there appeared this rainbow :-)

This whole week thus far has been mostly like a storm even though it's been a sunny and altogether nice fall week.  I'm quite pleased to see the rainbow now that tests, quizzes, papers, reading, more reading, and more reading have passed.

Tomorrow better be a good Friday....

Most of the grand camping weekend memories have passed now, too, but I've met up with a new friend a few short times.  She's a Philosophy grad student from a small country on the shore of the eastern Mediterranean Sea.  It seems that I'm becoming obsessed with seeing things in people that remind me of other people.  The similarities and reminders are everywhere, and it's kinda making me a lil nutz.  Does that happen to you?

I had two cupcakes for lunch today (that's not lunch!), but had to have them because of a short convo I had once about cupcake craving - and they were very yummy.  There have been cupcakes in blogs, cupcakes in tweets and cupcakes sold on the drag, and there was even a cupcake in a dream.  My friend, K, humored me by getting a cupcake, too, and she said it was okay....  Didn't expect her to gush, tho, because she's a self-proclaimed bitch (I don't see it that way...she's just opinionated).  K sounds familiar, acts familiar, was raised in a religious home and is now an atheist, likes to laugh, despises most people because she's impatient, and thinks that most people must certainly hate her, too, but I know that couldn't possibly be true - because I think she has some rather endearing qualities.  But back to my point: isn't it just plain annoying to be reminded of someone that you're trying to forget?


  1. Wow! The rainbow is looking awesome. Don't remember when I saw it last time...long ago...

    Yes, I guess it happens to everyone that something somehow reminds us of someone at any random point. Sometimes makes us nostalgic... I like it, even if it makes me sad sometimes...

    And yes, it's definitely annoying if you wanna forget someone and can't get it out of your mind. What do you do? I guess I try to distract myself by doing something else...

  2. Nice rainbow. Wish we had one here but all we have is cloudy crumminess at the moment :(

    A little known fact: Cupcakes are an essential part of a healthy diet and make for a perfect lunch. Or is that carrots... Nope, must be cupcakes. Why would anyone want carrots for lunch :)

  3. I can't believe you didn't share your cupcakes with me.

    (The first time I typed that I wrote "on" instead of "with". FREUDIAN SLIP, MUCH!??!!)

    Also, read your comment on my guest interview...



  4. Howdy, Disguise -

    I think you'd really go for a daily dose of cupcakes! =D

  5. Lopa, lady -

    No frequent rainbows? We've either got to get out of the town more often or maybe just outside after the rain.

    Every time I see a rainbow now I'm immediately transported to Maui where there are several each day - light rain and sun together! Now there's some wonderful memories that I can hope to enjoy again!

    Glad to read you here - I'll be over to your - My Envision soon :-)

  6. Aha!, Kim -

    Knew! that I could count on you to let me know cupcakes could be a meal. Had another one today, actually, with cream cheese frosting!!

    Yummy! - Glad to read you, as always!

  7. Wow, LiLu -

    I'm all starry-eyed with your visit =p Thank you!

    If'in you'd'a been here we might have split one! It seems that your single days of cattin' about are soon to be Oh-vA....

    Luv that slip, BTW - come by and do it any time =D


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