10 October 2009

Can't Keep Up

One of the things that I'd hoped to get into in Austin is the wealth of venues for indie bands.  Last weekend's festival only served to wet my appetite and now desire to head out to a club every night.  Well... that's not going to happen, and it was easy to decide that Friday night would be the chosen (1 night per week) even though Thursday is great and Saturday holds the "bigger name" bands.  I'd miss too many Friday classes and Sunday churches if other than Friday.

I've only been awake for about an hour now (it's just past 1:00 PM) and can't reach any of the three people that I went with last night (they dropped me off and were going to stay out all night).  I was up past 3.00 by the time I settled down and got my self scrubbed and brushed... and was certain that was plenty.

These other 3 were animals -sorta- about hitting venues, dancing,  and scoring cheap tickets and meeting the band members (if they didn't know them already).  We went to Antone's last night to enjoy some guys I'd seen in Dallas a few times - Rhett Miller and Salim Nourallah + Constellations.  It was absolutely fantastic!  It's weird that the same bands can play in Deep Ellum in Dallas and then here, but the show is so different.  So, yeah... I'm sold on getting into this thing, but I'm pretty sure that I can't handle it any more than one night a week - if that much!

Already...I'm trying to clear the night fuzz away so that I can get my studies done today.  It's imperative because I'm going to have 2 TV's going beginning at 5:00 PM.  Argentina plays Peru in a World Cup qualifying match tonight in Buenos Aires (guess who has to win).  This is a huge day worldwide for "futbol" qualifying games.  Germany is in the finals (surprise...), and England, playing short a man, has been upset already, as has been Scotland.

...and in college football UT plays Colorado beginning at 6:15 (had to trade my tickets!).  CO spoiled a season once recently... these are both "must win" games.

Back in World Cup qualifying... a later match... the U.S. is favored to beat Honduras beginning at 9:00.  Okay, so... go ARG (ed. yay! ARG 2, PER 1 << o!m!gosh! Palmermo scored in the 94th minute in a downpour...), go U.S. and go TEXAS!! (ed. yay! TEX 38, COL 14 <

Oh, BTW... you can just try and ignore most of yesterday's post when I was trying to stuff a great song into an equation - I don't know crap about the mechanics of a good tune..., but I kinda do know whats I likes... :-)



  1. hey, Dis-guise...

    I kinda hafta stay busy doing things. Haha, I'm not blogging about all of the stupid cleaning, and diary writing, and note writing...

    Just do a buncha stuff, and try not regret wasting any time, or not meeting enough people.

    Thanks for the visit and comment!

  2. Sounds like fun! Three a.m. is too late for me these days! I can barely make it to midnight!

  3. Kimberly,

    It was fun. Once again... it seems so long ago. But yeah... that's what I was thinking, too. 3 AM is kinda easy to survive drinking cokes and D.P, but the next day... it's trashed. When I found my friends they were too hungover... like all of Sunday and some of Monday cuz they went to a party after they left me. Wonder about the sanity in that, too.

    Always a pleasure to read your words - thank you!


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