11 October 2009

Dammit...Media World...

"...In regards to the U.S. Men’s National Team’s match against Honduras on Oct. 10, the rights are owned by the Honduras federation, which chose to sell the U.S. television rights, in both English and Spanish, to a company which opted to broadcast via closed circuit feed only. As a result, the match will not be televised by any network or cable channel. While U.S. Soccer would prefer the match be more accessible to fans, we have no broadcast rights in this instance...."

A little oddness this morning...It's cold and wet because winter is coming, and one of my roommates turned off the heat last night...so it's cold in here, too.  And I woke up a little pissed about something, but I don't know what.  Things went well yesterday in the 3 games that I cared about..............tho, I couldn't watch the last one at home, and had to find a crowded pub in which to celebrate because the game was only seen on closed-circuit TV....ugh....

But that's not it, I don't think.  Reading the news of the day, and just being on the internet for 30 minutes, and my mind's stinking..............  Well...I'm glad that it's a church morning, then, I suppose.  I'm going to a regular service that's only 2 blocks away...the prayer should do me some good.

Here...let's celebrate the heroes from yesterday:

"God and Saint Palermo saved us" - Diego Maradona

Martin Palermo's go ahead goal in about the 94th minute lifted Argentina above Peru and kept them alive in World Cup Qualifying.  One goal - 2 heroes

After a scoreless first half in an emotion filled stadium in Honduras, Conor Casey scored the first goal for the US team.  He took a sweet pass from Landon Donovan to score a 2nd go ahead goal.  Landon scored again on a penalty kick, and then the win was preserved when Honduras missed on their late penalty kick effort.

After falling to 14-3 in the first quarter on a blocked punt and a fumble by quarterback, Colt McCoy, the Longhorns took charge in the 2nd half.  Colt led the team to a smothering 38-14 win before 100,000 in a cold and sometimes drizzly, Austin home game.

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