06 October 2009


By light
The dream
So less
Is seen
No more


  1. There's this word for these liners.. Cant remember. but its nice anyway : ) Anf heck the picture is fantastic. did u click it ?

  2. Howdy, Nil -

    Yeah... took the pic a week or so ago. It's been raining a lot and cloudy so my dreams have been kinda cloudy, too - funny!

    These mid-week blues are rotten. Hope you're having fun!

  3. Heck yeah I am having fun! Well, as much as i can anyway :/ my exmas are on :S
    Its been raining, and the wthr's been similar :) And I am just crazy about Rain. So yea, no blues yet ;)
    i replied to your question on my blog: )
    See you there!

  4. Love the photo, love the poem. (If it is a poem anyway) :)

  5. Hello, again, Nil...

    Hope that your exams have all gone well. Your blog is kinda fun, so I'm looking for your next posts.

    Rain...ugh...plenty here, too. Winter is coming soon.

    Glad that you're keeping the blues away - sometimes they just creep in.

    Thanks for your visit and comments!

  6. Hello, IVA -

    So happy to see you here and commenting. Hope the lil mood (serious, yes) is moving away from you.

    Yeah... I have taken over 100 sky pics now and just love 'em. Only post one every now and then because I wonder if I'm boring people with them.

    Poem? - kinda, yes. Was trying haikus when I went camping and wasn't sure if any of them counted as poems or just short ramblers - ha!

    You know... sometimes in the morning you're away, but don't feel like communicating? That poem was like that - a Monday, too, and lamenting the quickly fading good dream...

    Glad to see you, really!

    Chat soon.


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