23 October 2009

do you feel that?

It's the change of seasons, officially!  If it's not raining where you are, then it's likely getting close to the perfect temperature on most days.  I Love this time of year = to the time opposite the calendar in April.  It feels like love and community - do you feel that?  Aaahhhhh............smile.

I'm also a little giddy about making a significant dent in my schoolwork.  It's looking like I might actually have it done by the time I get back on Monday :-D  Oh, well...still so much to do.

Oh. yeah... was cleared by the doctor to return to action today - cured!  I'm still coughing like a bandit and sleepy and a little (ahem!) weak, but I should be able to do some running next week and other things that normal people do!


  1. Raining here today, sort of dark and gloomy but maybe sun tomorrow. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  2. Glad to here you have a clean bill of health :)

  3. Congrats on beating the H1N1. It was raining here today but was amazing outside yesterday (sunny and close to 70). I still prefer the spring though.

    I should've been doing homework all weekend but I wasn't that focused and would've much rather blogged. I've made a huge dent in it these past couple weeks so It should be fine.

    Have fun being back in action!

  4. Hi Judy -

    Thank you for stopping by! Really enjoying the fall pics on your blog. Hope you saw some sun today - really nice here, and due for more rain tomorrow.

    This cough is beyond ridiculous, but I'm feeling much better, thank you!

  5. Howdy, Kim -

    Thank you! I'll probably have to keep my doctor's note handy. I know the U. needs it, and I'll have to explain being non-viral to a few.

    Had a (yuck) surprise from the coughing today (nvrmind) but - gosh, it really hurts. Hoping nunna y'all get this.

    Chat soon!

  6. Hey there, Nick!

    Yeah...kinda beaten, but not before it put up a good fight. It's nasty.

    Best news is that I'm immune (supposedly) without vaccine...and it's spreading quickly here.

    Glad you've got the studies under control again. Meant to say - watch out for the new attitude...I mean...still be yourself.

    Thanks again, and chat soon!

  7. Yay! lil miss disguise came back!


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