04 October 2009

Huge, Sloppy Festival

We're slowly making our way toward the shuttle buses now after an amazing afternoon in Zilker Park. Rockin' in the Free World!

The Toadies and Pearl Jam were awesome crowd pleasers!!!

The mud - oh, the mud - my blackberry has been inside of a ziplok baggy all day - and I'm covered in mud.

Doesn't smell too good, either..., but whay fun. Have a few pics to show, but know ther are others that captured this thing better.Wish that I'd taken this pic, but I didn't get into the middle of the mud pit like these guys.

So tired...


  1. That looks like an absolute BLAST!!!!!!!

  2. It was...almost too much fun. Was so glad to have worn sensible boots and clothes that I threw away when I got home...

    Now the school week...

    The world of opposite experiences here is almost too much to believe - like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde...

  3. It looks like a mud bath for those who can't find time to go to the spa. Looks like fun!

  4. Looks like a freakin' blast!!! Glad you had a good time!

    Sorry, about the "school week" but remember, it's those opposite experiences that make the awesome muddy ones just that much more awesome!

  5. Oy, Nick -

    There were a buncha folks just rolling in it, and then they stayed that way since there wasn't any shower at the park. The watering stations were fully being used by people trying to rinse off instead of drinking - ha!

    We all had a verrry good time. Thanks for comments!

  6. ...and Kim is here!

    Yep! Freakin' blast just about nailed it. There were all different kinds of freaks, and there we were trying to blend in and stay dry. I wore my wellies and tromped straight through the mud that was -everywhere-. Im sure there were many reporter-types trying to capture the moment.

    The music was incredible, too! What an event, and then school =BLAM= on Monday. Looking forward to whatever this nect weekend brings...

    Chat soon!


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